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More than 24 years have passed since the Crop & Carrot Tack Shop opened it's doors for the first time. We have made many friends in that time, sharing laughter and tears. We've fit countless little one with helmets for their first lesson, helped find the perfect halter for a favorite school horse, given encouragement for the adult returning to horses after raising children, given encouragement to the adult just starting lessons, had our little ones come back all grown up with their own little ones to be fitted for helmets. There's been tales of trail rides near and far, show wins to be applauded. We've shared in the excitement of a new horse coming home, and shared in the sorrow of losing an old friend. We've sponsored riders, classes, and trail rides, donated to raffles and year end banquets, hosted seminars and used tack swaps. We expanded our feed selection to include all farm animals, and made new friends in the chicken, rabbit, and goat worlds. This of course led to all of us having chickens, some of us getting rabbits and goats too, with more tales to swap. Quite simply, we've enjoyed those 24 years with you.

Time keeps going though, and it's time for Chris to retire, time for her to make her own tales of trails ridden. After so many wonderful, successful years, The Crop will be closing it's doors one last time in December.

We thank you for the many friendships, stories, and memories of the last 24 years.




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No orders, holds, or checks. Excludes wormers, grain, hay, and bedding products.






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Welcome to Crop and Carrot Tack Shop

Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc has been serving the New England equine community since 1995. We have a beautiful 5,000 sq. foot showroom and we cater to all types of riders and horse lovers. From trail riders to dressage riders and eventers, we have what you and your horse needs. Our employees are friendly, knowledgeable and our customer loyalty program can’t be beat.

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