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Essential Oils for Horses

Tuesday August 18th 6:30pm


Horses are very sensitive and intuitive creatures and respond incredibly to the natural compounds in pure essential oils, just like humans do. Learn about the many physical and emotional benefits including:

             = Calming Anxiety

             = Digestive support

             = Emotional support for life support

             = Focus & Energy for training

             = Hormonal issues in mares

             = Pain Management

             =Trust and abuse issues

             = Vices


Join us to learn about why oils are in products and what oils may be able to help you and your horses.




Poulin Grain Sixth Sense Promotion

Monday June 15th- July 31st 2015

Take advantage of some of our most popular types of grain on sale!

Chick Starter 50lb bag- $11.99

Forage Extender 50lb bag- $9.99

Endurace Sport 11:8 50lb bag- $11:49

Challenger 14:8 50lb bag- $11:99

Sprint Extreme 50lb bag- $12.49

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Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc has been serving the New England equine community since 1995. We have a beautiful 5,000 sq. foot showroom and we cater to all types of riders and horse lovers. From trail riders to dressage riders and eventers, we have what you and your horse needs. Our employees are friendly, knowledgeable and our customer loyalty program can’t be beat.

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